Advanced Equipment For the Country, DDTOP Performs Careful and Detailed Work


Photo/ General Manager Zhang Yiding with the completed 18m calibre Venturi flowmeter.

Classic venturi, customarily called standard venture tube. Conforms to lSO 5167 or GB/T 2624. Used to measure the flow of single-phase stable fluids in closed pipes, commonly used to measure the flow of fluids such as air, natural gas, gas and water.

The Classic venturi is simple, durable and stable in its construction. Classic venturi pressure loss is small, saving the energy required for fluid transport. Classic venturi in the range of 50 to 1200 diameter. No real flow calibration is required. Beyond this range, reference designs can be manufactured.

Large-diameter venturi flowmeter, the body installation size is long, for large-diameter instruments, processing difficulties, real flow calibration, not easy to transport installation and a series of problems are tested by domestic instrument manufacturers.

In order to realize the localization of this “Heavy Weapon” and break through the difficulties, DDTOP has made a big breakthrough in the production management process of equipment and technology in recent years, and has made a big investment in equipment, the coiling machine adopts the most advanced four-roller symmetrical coiling machine in China, with high precision coiling and continuous bending without back angle at the end pre-bending. Welding equipment adopts automatic laser arc pressure tracking system welding, welding and inspection personnel are through the German TUV and North America’s qualification certification personnel on board. After rigorous design, rigorous processing and inspection process of continuous improvement, a national heavy equipment naturally to the water, in response to the time.

Nationalized instrument production is not only a slogan, but also a practical exercise for which DDTOP has put its feet on the ground.